SEO-Powered Hosting for Bloggers

If you’re like most bloggers, SEO is your least favorite part of the job! Most professional bloggers get into the field because they love to create and they dread the technical aspects of blogging.

Add in Google’s ever changing algorithms and you practically need to be an SEO expert to stay at the top of the search results. That’s where professional SEO hosting from House of Ideas can help.  

The blogging sweet spot

Why SEO Hosting

Traditional blog hosting is just that – a place for your site that comes with basic technical support. But with SEO hosting from House of Ideas, you’ll get a dedicated team that’s committed to helping your site appear in the search engines. 

We bake all things technical SEO into your hosting package, such as speed optimization, top posts discovery & optimization, expert SEO plugin configuration, and more. You also get cheat sheets, keyword calendars, and tutorials so you can focus all your energy on the creative side.

We eliminate the guesswork, the stress, and the risks of doing something technical wrong.

You’ll receive weekly performance reports, ensuring that you always know how your site is performing, how your traffic’s doing, and what new content opportunities arise.

Multiple pricing tiers mean that you receive the support you want, without paying for services you don’t need.

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Industry-Leading Benefits & Perks

Website Improvement Services

We make your blog robust, fast, user-friendly, and more magnetic to visitors from the major platforms on the web.

PRO Hosting

Access premium hosting and custom plugin configuration tailored for your blog needs and goals.


You can’t just fire up a plugin, site speed is complicated. Let our experts take care of it for you.


Our tech team has enterprise-level experience. We protect your site from hacks, viruses, Viagra links, and other 2019 cyber risks.


We fix your site quickly whenever it goes down. We also help fix the biggest site issues that are costing you traffic or income.


Your site gets backed up daily.

Mobile Audit

We identify major problems and solutions to improve user and search engine experience on your mobile site.

Traffic & Influence Benefits

How we help you get you more traffic and visitors from giants like Google, Pinterest, and Youtube, as well as your brand and influence on major social networks like Youtube and Instagram. 

Your Blog

The most important place we focus on to grow your audience and earnings. We optimize your site for SEO, for social sharing, for email list building, for your printables shop, etc. Your traffic and business goals decide how we improve your site.


We put you in a position to get lots of search traffic from Google, Bing, and Youtube without doing any harmful SEO work that hurts your traffic or personal reputation.


We’re deeply studying and sharing insights on Youtube Analytics (Creator Studio), Youtube SEO, and building an audience. Get better at video creation, promotion, and channel subscribers.

The Numbers

We measure and share key performance numbers with you on a monthly basis. The good and the bad, so you’re always aware of your strengths, weaknesses, and areas of opportunities.

Smart Calendars

Build out editorial calendars backed by keyword data, and in alignment with your personal brand / expertise.

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