Instagram’s Now Hiding Likes: What It Means For Content Creators

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If you’re staying up-to-date with the latest in social media trends, you’ve probably heard that Instagram is hiding likes for some users in the U.S. But what does this actually mean if you use Instagram as a content creator?

What Is Instagram’s New Like Feature?

Only a small number of Instagram’s users are a part of the American test, which started earlier in November 2019. Some people in countries such as Canada and Australia have been a part of the test for a few months now. The new like feature means that accounts in the testing phase will will have their likes ‘hidden’ from their audience, however the account owner will still see them. If you’re viewing the content, you’ll see a message like, “Instagram account and others like this message.” You will be able to click on the likes to see who likes the content, but the actual number  of accounts who like the content will be hidden. 

What Does This Mean For Content Creators

This new method means that you’ll still get to gauge the impact of each piece of content. However if you’re partnering with brands, they won’t be able to view how many likes your content received. Many brands use third party applications to help them report on interactions, including likes and comments and it’s unclear whether these apps will continue to accurately report on campaign data so don’t be surprised if brands start asking for more robust self-reporting from you. Make sure that you accurately report your results to ensure strong, continuous partnerships.

What Does This Mean For Brands

If you have current brand partnerships, it’s unlikely that this change will affect their Instagram strategy. However, it’s possible that smaller brands may need a little guidance from you if you’ve been affected by this Instagram change. Make sure to communicate with your brand partners early if you notice that your account is one of the few that’s been switched over already. 

While Instagram has been tight-lipped about whether this change will remain permanent and roll out to all American users, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it stick around. Instagram officials are reportedly looking for additional ways that content creators can report their results to brands so stay tuned for more information. 



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